1. Design, implement and evaluate a health promotion project for a specific population



1.   Describe a singular health issue comprehensively- Adolescents and Substance Abuse in schools

          a. current incident/statistics

          b. health disparities?

          c. critical components /impacting determinants of health 

2.   Relate the components and the interface in developing a health promotion project ( consider relevant theories, HBM, HPM)

3.   Relates specifics of the Evidence- Based model that supports your Health Promotion project (What is EBP, why necessary? and which EBP did you select) EBP must be relevant/valid- eg DARE, or any others.

4.   How will the plan be implemented – {who are the collaborating partners, have you considered the population- patient/family centered, social determinants of health i.e. Socio economic status, culture etc.? what are the community resources)}


2. Develop a plan for an Entrepreneurship Based Health Promotion Business with a Vulnerable Population using an evidenced based practice. Place in Power point and be creative.

Using Business name —-Health and Life.


Consider the following when completing the Entrepreneurial business plan component

nurse entrepreneur is a nurse who uses their training, knowledge and medical expertise as a nurse to create and develop their own businesses within the healthcare field through the use of creativity, business systems, problem solving and successful investing strategies.

Define the purpose of the enterprise

–          What’s the purpose of the  entrepreneurial  business plan,   

  • –          Mission, goals, resources, sustainability
    • –          Make sure to include an executive summary, company description,          marketing analysis, marketing plan, promotion of business plan, financial plan, report mechanics,

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