Health Promotion for Diverse Populations

This week, you will be introduced to an interactive site called (Links to an external site.). Aunt Bertha is the largest search & referral network for social services in the United States, serving 1.8 million people (and growing). You will use the information within this site to complete this module’s discussion activity.  


  • From the list, choose your own community. You can type in your zip code, city, etc. to locate the program.
  • Select ONE program in the city that you chose on which to focus in your discussion post.
  • under   health:  health education chose nutrition education or disease management or  you can do help pay for healthcare then chose, discounted healthcare, health insurance or prescription assistance. Just chose one. 

my community is Hispanic



Discussion Instructions 

After engaging with the learning materials and activities, please address the following questions and activities.

For this discussion activity, you will use the information and research from the Aunt Bertha website and your module readings and share information with your classmates as outlined in the steps above and the prompts below. 

  • Using the program you selected from the Findhelp site, discuss why the program is needed and who may be the target population .
  • I chose Hispanics population
  • Describe possible health-related values, beliefs, and practices of a selected culture within a vulnerable population (be careful to avoid stereotyping).
  • Briefly describe how will you teach the selected target population if you were to conduct a community seminar to tell your target population about this resource. 
  • Being creative and making it meaningful are highly recommended. What are some best practices for motivating the audience and their readiness to

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