Health Assessment Needs

This project assignment for this course aims to initiate a Community Needs Assessment. It is important that you select a health topic that interests to your group and complete an analysis of your local community to identify the top health problems at your best capacity.

Community Needs Assessments are used by health care administrators, decision-makers, and policymakers to identify health inequities and to ensure that health care resources are maximized for health improvement.

To prepare for this Assignment, consider the parameters of your geographic area. This is a population-based project; please choose a city or county in your state. Your Community Needs Assessments project is expected to describe the health and welfare of the priority population


Health issue identified from the 2022 Boston Children’s Hospital Health Needs Assessment – Childhood Obesity


Population – City of Boston, minorities.  


PP presentation – with presenter’s note please

About 10 minutes or less (?8 or 10 slides or less) identify your selected health topic and justify it, describe health of the priority population in your selected community


This is the 2022 community health needs assessment report used for the information related to the health issue and population of interest.

in addition to the more extensive report there is a detailed summary of the report on the website as well.


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