• Your written assignment must be saved in PDF (this is a pretty standard format when submitting assignment; after
  • you have saved your written assignment in Word, just saved it again in PDF).

  • Length is between 1,200 – 2,500 words (reference list not included).
  • Font: Times New Roman, Font Size: 12 points, Double Space, Margins: 1 inch (left, top, right, bottom), keep
  • footnotes at a minimum.

  • Your paper must have a cover page with Title of the Paper & Abstract summarizing what you did in your paper (50-
  • 150 words) – it doesn’t count toward word count. DON’T PUT ANYWHERE Your name, Your student ID number,

    Course title, Course section, CRN #, Professor’s Name. The reason for that is that for assessment and evaluation

    purposes, we want you to be anonymous. Don’t worry, when it comes to your grade, your paper will be graded by me

    using the scoring rubric below and hyperlinked below in PDF. Assessment uses exclusively the General Studies

    Learning Outcomes listed below using the rubrics included below BUT there is no grade attached to it. What matters

    for grade purposes is the SCORING rubric, which I included below and that you can see when you click on the

    assignment as well.

  • The paper sequence is to your choosing, but your sections/sub-sections must be titled and among the various sections,
  • you must include an Introduction, a Conclusion, and a Reference List. Each section and sub-section must have a title

    and I should know where the introduction starts and where it ends. Similarly, I should be able to gather what’s your

    logic by looking at the various sections and sub-section titles of your written assignment.

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