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Genre Analysis

Genre analysis is a concept that has attracted a lot of scholarly debate in the recent past because of the impact that genre has in the society today. From miller’s literature he defines genre as a typical reaction to everything that happens around us today. Whether in the print media, digital production, movies, photography and so on will have significant impact on the lives of the recipients. All these genres in one way or another affect the world we live in, in one way or another in a dynamic manner to shape up our morals or even correct our transgressions. This research paper will retrospectively place emphasis on the influence that political party websites play in a modern democracy in the confines of competitive politics and in a greater extend bring out their importance (Weller and Warren 230). In the exercise of democracy today political parties have been in the center stage as the main vehicles that help politicians climb into power. Various platforms have been adopted by these parties as they forge for their main agenda and one of them is adoption of modern technology in carrying out their political campaigns. It therefore becomes an important aspect to discuss and analyze, so that the various motives are unearthed and brought into light through a genre analysis perspective.

The essence of political parties going digital and using websites and blog is to mobilize highest number of masses possible. Although it is the wish for political parties to be all inclusive and accommodating to everyone, it becomes very difficult to do so. People have different ideas and opinion about various matters and sometimes it could be difficult to come into terms with the various opinions that political leaders come up for nation building. Such disagreements and deviations in opinions bring a challenge of inclusion and therefore political parties and their websites cannot include everyone (Miller 165). These websites are only targeting like-minded persons and people who share common ideologies and values in relation to national matters. Political parties’ websites are a good reflection of how power, authority, hierarchy and leadership should be exercised more so if the agenda comes to pass. Within the website there is a clear cut off who is the flag bearer, the deputy and other representatives in a hierarchical manner. These ranks are usually disseminated depending on the roles, responsibilities and the voting rights that these individuals have within the confines of the political party. Many a times we have experienced wrangles within political parties regarding who takes what share and who does not. These are normal happenings in political divides and given that political parties bake politicians ranks call shorts to solve these matters. Sometimes it is difficult to realize these wrangles in the online political party websites because issues are discussed in here and the leaders are not in the realm of washing their dirty linen in public. But the argument here is, whether online party websites or the offline party management, hierarchies and power are quite defined and exercised to the latter in all mannerisms (Swales 21-2).

Online political party websites have profound ramifications to the citizens and the political party itself. This is the avatar where the political party has the chance to sell its manifesto and receives directs feedbacks from the electorates. Issues that affect the citizens should be articulated well in the discussions that are carried on between the web master and the concerned electorates. In a modern democracy like ours sometimes it is difficult to reach all the voters during the road shows and physical campaigns because this is a middle income economy and everybody is concerned about their daily routines either in business or public service. Therefore the only viable way to reach these persons is through an interactive online program managed within the political party website. World over, it is known that revolutions can be engineered through online interactions, this method can reach a larger section of the voter and intensive discussion can be pursued compared to what happens on the physical campaigns. These websites give the voters an opportunity to participate in the national agenda because questions, complaints and compliments about how the party discharges its agenda can be discussed in length and meaningfully (Miller 157).

The digitalized way of reaching the electorates has immense influences to how citizen participate in decision making in national matters especially when it comes to making rational and informed decisions. Democracy is about popular participation and making of informed decision to influence the politics of the day and the kind of government the citizens want. It is only proper if political parties expand their reach to the electorates and it would only be fair to recognize the role through which this genre plays in informing our citizens about their liberties and alternatives that are worthwhile to consider. The role of political parties cannot be overstated, they form governments that affect the lives of each one of us, and they spearhead development. Through their manifestos they tackle issues of equities and justice and distribution of resources to her all her citizens within the state. For instance, it can be argued that the ideological differences between the democrats and republicans has only come clear during the various campaigns and debates that the parties go through in vetting their agenda to this great nation (Bruce 78).

Political parties affect by and large our economic, social and political goals, if the party has an improper agenda for the nation regarding these critical issues the impact affects us negatively and the effects may be felt by generations to come. Politics affect our living standards; they determine who gets, what, how and when, but what builds the politics of a nation? It is the manifesto of the political party and it is time people especially the voters took advantage of the various platforms that political parties create to discuss agendas (Fisher 291-3). Regardless, of whether you are getting information from the website or elsewhere the feeds are valuable and hundred fold important in a bid to move the development of this country to the next level.

The motivation about knowledge is what drives citizens into visiting the political party websites and seeking information. This is a pragmatic move that pushes an ordinary electorate to pursue information and more so gain knowledge about how the political party is concerned about lifting their standards. A rhetorical analysis of exigencies accelerates electorates to seek information is overwhelming because the reason doesn’t concern about their self benefits but the good of the whole community at large. For this reason, political parties need to implement their agenda to the letter because people are concerned about their welfare (Swales 65).

In conclusion, digital writing can be defined as the modern way of communication that has brought revolutionary implications on the lives of many in the entire world. Online communities have used various forms of genre like political party websites discussed in this research paper to mobilize people in action and in this regard to vote in a new government or return the incumbent government in power. The beliefs and values of online communities are open, generous with information and innovative. These values have been the backbone of the success of online communities. This analysis has been very comprehensive about the nature, scope and implication of political party websites in a modern democracy. Their importances go beyond imagination and it can only be proper to embrace the modern digital communication for easy access of information, fair bargains and convenience (Bruce 91). The concept of genre in communication is very critical in the development of communication skills. Different authors use different approaches to genre to express their ideas and thoughts. The use of genre communication in the study is to analyze the concept of communication as a way of expressing personal interest. It is therefore important for authors to use genres in addressing their skills in communication.

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