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Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering as a field of scientific knowledge is important for various reasons. It has enabled the society to address various challenges effectively. In medicine for instance, it has promoted curing of diseases such as cancer. In economic production, it continues to help the society to address problems related to food shortage. However, it has permeated various fields in the recent past. If the practice is not legally controlled, the outcomes can be adverse. It should be regulated by the government for various reasons.

One of the technological procedures that are advocated for by genetic engineering is cloning. This is creation of multiple copies of the existing organism. Various scientific procedures are employed during cloning, to ensure that the ultimate product has only the best qualities. For example, cloned human beings are designed to have the best physical and mental qualities. Failure to regulate the practice can lead to production of persons of similar attributes. This will do away with racial diversity that characterizes humanity currently. Regulation of the practice is significant for ensuring human diversity and preventing creation of one single human race.

If genetic engineering is not regulated, it can lead to the extinction of important species. Humans utilize both plant and animal species for various purposes. Naturally, diversity cushions populations against negative effects that occur periodically. Extinction of important species and creation of dominant species undermines the very existence of humanity. In particular, it exposes the human race to various social, economic and environmental threats that can wipe out the entire generation. Regulation of the practice would ensure that humanity has sufficient resources to rely upon when faced with various social, economic and political problems.

Finally, unregulated genetic engineering can have negative effects on the global economy. Since all products and production processes would be ideal, there would be no need for employment. Innumerable products that are currently in the market would be taken to waste if cloned products were to be allowed to flood the market. Business would lose meaning and the economy would be unstable. Regulation of genetic engineering by the government would help in ensuring that markets operate normally and the economic wellbeing of the populations is not affected.

In sum, recent developments in the field of knowledge have led to the exploration of genetic engineering. This allows for manipulation of the genetic composition of living organisms. Although the practice has various benefits, it needs to be regulated by the government. Lack of regulation culminates in extinction of important species, exposure of the human race to social, economic and environmental threats due to the creation of dominant species, and destruction of the global economy. Undoubtedly, these impacts have far reaching implications on the general wellbeing of the human race. Thus regulation of genetic engineering is very important.

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