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Medical Care Report

General body health of a person is very important, and therefore everyone needs to know where they would get the best medical attention from. There could be various medical centres and hospitals around, but not all of them meet the need s of their clients or patients. It is important to consider the medical services and facilities available at different clinics, because people fall ill of a number of diseases which not all hospitals attend to every illness. This essay will review the medical report of two different medical centres, the Greenview Regional Hospital (GRH) and the Graves-Gilbert Clinic (GGC), both in Bowling, Kentucky, and compare the services they offer.

The GRH is recognized by the Joint Commission, with over one hundred permanent or registered nurses who work full time, which makes the facility highly dependable and trusted. It can also hold about one hundred and fifty patients to be monitored at the hospital over time. GRH handles minor and serious ailments, with emergency cases dealt with at the emergency department (Public Citizen’s Health Research Group, 1992). Delicate cases are attended to as surgical services are available, with the nurses watching over the needs of patients at all times. The GGC is also reliable because their services stretch to the southern and central of the State, only that it is a growing clinic and would not compete much with the GRH. It deals with multiple medical services, although the hospital’s anaesthesiology physicians are partially trained to handle special cases, most of which are not very serious, for instance skin allergies and surgery, hand therapy and back problems. They might be attending to minor illnesses, but also check on serious ones, depending on the stage, for example cancer at its early stages where they can tame it.

This information about the two medical facilities is helpful in choosing the more reliable place to get the best service, most especially depending on the seriousness of the disease. One would opt for the services offered by the Greenview regional Hospital because of their staff, nurses to be specific because they are registered and do not work part time. Their services are not limited to small cases only, so every sickness receives total attention, with the emergency services and admission facilities available. The Graves- Gilbert Clinic would not be dependable with the medical personnel of less than a hundred, and semi-trained physicians.


Torrey E. F., Stieber J., Public Citizen’s Health Research Group, Ezekiel J ., (1992). Criminalizing the Seriously Mentally Ill: The Abuse of Jails As Mental Hospitals.

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