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Gender Stereotyping


The problem presented hereunder is that gender stereotyping as witnessed in the contemporary society started with psychologists such as Sigmund Freud.


It is argued that gender stereotyping has existed in the society since the days of Sigmund. Feminist theories have constructed “women” as subjects of feminism. Before and after 19th century women were prejudiced. They were seen as animals lacking the ability to think like men, as less beings, and as individuals who were born merely to serve men and breed. Besides, women were presented as objects for beauty which largely serve to fulfil man’s desires. They were disfavored in many aspects including education, in politics and other sectors. Therefore, they were left with passive roles to play. The argument here is that feminist theory and its proponents have been behind this unending gender prejudice. It is further argued that even in the contemporary society, the efforts to emancipate women from such stereotypes is short challenged by the very theories that were put forward by the feminists. It is highlighted that among others Sigmund Fried and his associated theories have played a role is the increased women stereotyping. It is argued that such theories have played a key role in constructing women as objects of sexual orientation. It is also argued that these theories have, in effect, promoted gender stereotyping in the today’s society. Sigmund’s views on women is arguably the cause of this controversy. On the contrary, Sigmund views women as the real obstacle to their emancipation. He holds that women add nothing to their own life and do always oppose change. He hold that women‘s lives are largely dominated by their own sexual reproductive functions. In the theory of psychosocial development, Sigmund suggest that at around ages 3-5 (phallic stage), young girls start distancing from their mothers upon discovery that mothers lack penis. This way, they shift their affections to the father. In psychosexual stages of development theory, Sigmund describes a boy’s feelings of desiring the mother and the jealousy and anger towards the father. In his view, a boy child often feel like he is competing the father in owning the mother. Therefore, views the father as his major rival for her mother’s affections and attentions. Psychoanalytically, it is argued that Freud alongside other psychologists have played a role in increasing gender disparities among women and men. This has largely contributed the misconception that women are inferior to men.

“So What”

The argument presented here is whether Freud’s theories alongside other supporting theories hold true and whether such theories should be rejected or not. However, worth contenting is that there has been increasing discrimination against persons on the basis of their sex orientation. There is need to conduct a study to ascertain whether gender stereotyping has been promoted by Freud Sigmund’s theories. This study will seek to evaluate Freud’s view that women are themselves stumbling blocks to their emancipation. Freud suggests that nature is to blame for the existing gender disparities, which may imply that the men’s status squo should be maintained. The proposed study would, in light of Freud’s claim, investigate the role played by nature in this whole debate. What would be important is investigating the key causes of gender stereotyping. The basis would be ascertaining the why women had a different identity from men.

Evidence Preview

There is a large volume of literature that provides evidence that women stereotyping as witness today, was caused by Sigmund Freud, and his associates. On the contrary, there is a large literature that contradicts this view. This proposed research will focus of exploring these evidences. This will be a view to draw a line between the two sides of the argument and suggest the possible cause of women stereotyping in the contemporary society.

In conclusion, the proposed study would focus on gender stereotyping, its causes and the its possible remedies.


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