Gender Disparity in Colleges

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Gender Disparity in Colleges

This article seeks to summarize the trend in gender disparity in colleges in relation to the US college students. The effects of gender disparity in colleges are noted as well as the reasons behind the disparity. Finally, the measures put to address gender disparity in colleges are also highlighted.

Several decades ago, most Universities globally were a preserve of the male students. The students and faculties were male dominated and one would think that there was a rule that, “Male Only.” The colleges that admitted the female gender were few while others like Princeton and Yale barred them. However, the trend seems to have changed over time with the number of women in colleges equalizing that of Men in 1980 in the US. The number of women thus increased in colleges and by 2005, men only formed the 43% of undergraduates in US. The gender gap is quite evident across the cultural, ethnic and racial borders.

The effects of this gender disparity have been clear with women dominating discussions in classes. Additionally, there has been imbalance in social life. What could be the reason for the gender disparity in campuses? There is an increasing trend in men dropping out of schools to get jobs especially in the high technology areas. Additionally, there is the anti-intellectual culture in men who are apparently less drawn to studies as compared to their female counterparts. Stereotyping is a contributor of this gender imbalance as men are viewed to have less developed social skills and are not well behaved as females. Nevertheless, men tend to think that they can get jobs and invest without spending considerable time acquiring degrees.

Measures have been put to address the gender imbalance in colleges. Some of the measures include adoption of affirmative programs targeting the male students. During admissions, the colleges pay special attention to male students and thus emphasize on the science courses; an area that has been perceived as male dominated from time immemorial.

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