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Gas Leak Case Study

Customers’ service hospitality is an important factor to be considered in any organization. Customers should be treated with priority, and they should see the value on the services offered by the Company. Therefore, when customers believe that they are getting value for the money they are paying, then they will definitely keep on coming back, however, dissatisfaction of the customer service will make them turn back as well as, look for value offerings from the company’s competitor (Hassanien, Ahmed, & Clarke, pg. 145). In the case study provided, the major issue is that the gas leak prompted the gas company to cut off the gas supply, unfortunately, this will greatly have an impact on the customers as well, the corporation itself given that, on average, the kitchen can serve about 500 lunches. As a result, there are many ways in which the corporation can ensure that they offer the best possible lunch food and services. For instance, the corporation may use electric stoves as an option to ensure that the customers get their lunches at the correct time. Secondly the company can develop a home meal replacement options that will provide the 500 lunches before the issue is corrected.Service Proposal for GuestsA good resort hotel should be one which provides a quality hospitality service and is cost-effective. However, there are various key elements that need to be considered when developing a proposal for hotel guests. These elements include competitive environment, the methodology used for business planning. The methodology is essential because it will help the management in answering questions such as how far the company will be compared to their competitors as well as knowing whether the company will be setting realistic and attainable goals and objectives.

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