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In Week 7, you began to synthesize the evidence into a formal written Chapter II for your SPP. While you continue to collect and appraise the literature, you should be able to identify and describe any “gaps” within the research. (Bradshaw pg 158).

Gaps are considered missing pieces or areas in research that has not been explored or is underexplored. Please review the following:


Write a brief paragraph explaining any identified “gaps” in the research you have identified thus far for your literature review. Does your DNP Project have the potential to address or fill any “gaps” in current practice?



Let me know if you need any information to write this. Please and thanks

I can always upload for you. 




Provides clear examples supported by course content and references. Cites three or more references, using at least one new scholarly resource that was not provided in the course materials. All instruction requirements noted.


Well-organized content with a clear and complex purpose statement and content argument. Writing is concise with a logical flow of ideas.

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