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Executive summary

This report aims to bridge the gap between local and international students and universities available in Africa. This project will be focused on education sector of Africa which provide a website which act as a hub for the all the major universities in Africa. The project aims at offering easy access to the students in Africa and to spread the awareness about the various educational originations, scholarships and job opportunities available according to their respective needs.

It is an open-stop platform for the students looking for job after their education. In Africa because it provides a job availability page where people can browse for the available jobs according to their educations and interest. It provides the overall picture to the people around the globe about the education industry of Africa. One of the main goals of this website would be to encourage international students to study in Africa as well as the lecturers around the globe to come to Africa and increase the education level in Africa

Business goals

The business goal of the organization is divided into three categories. The first of the primary section, the secondary section and the last the AOB section (Any Other Business Section). African Academic Organization Center” (AAOC), intents to offer support to all its stakeholders hence the reason for categorization of the business goals. It is also important to note that the business goal supports a specific user of the Business Intelligence Website yet to be developed by the organization. The primary business goal is to support Students and other people to navigate easily as they get Jobs, courses offered among other academic issues. The secondary goal is to offer data reliability and storage issues for academic institutions and the AOB goal is to offer auxiliary support to organization via the website as for mass communication. The organization is intending to reach more academic institutions in the Africa to be able to remove the gap that has existed before. In addition, providing effective and efficient communication is the key towards the organization mission and vision about the website project. Online access of the website will increase stakeholder’s access as well as evaluation of the project.


It can be noted that the project has unlimited number of stakeholders as it is an academic tool. However, for the sake of this analysis, the main stakeholders will be indicated. The main stakeholder are:

African Academic Organization Center” (AAOC): This organization is one of the main stakeholders and it is also the project owner. It intends to not only use the data from academic institutions in Africa to offer easy access of tangible and soft data to the people but also to act as a center of research based on the data collected.

Academic Organization in Africa: These organization will offer reliable information and data to African Academic Organization Center” (AAOC) for it to be fed to the website. In addition, it will be an added advantage to them as this will be a marketing tool.

Competitive analysis

The adoption of the BI website is one of its own I the world and especially in Africa hence limited from competition from other websites. Its content is unique hence enjoys the monopoly in the market (, 2014).

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