• Instruction
  • Please add page number with exact quote from the book( beyond inclusion, beyond empowerment: A developmental strategy to liberate everyone– 2014, ISBN 978-0-9766112-0-2)

Watch the two YouTube videos 

-Free Land: The Shellmound Story, Part One


-Free Land: The Shellmound Story, Part two


 — summarizes the main topics(the article) discussed and connects these topics to one issue that we have brought up in class(“empowerment, target, agent, low and  high status, survival/confusion, inclusion/awareness, confusion, empowerment/strategy\”) Your summary must in be in your own words, and must include specific details, examples, and quotes. Your connection to course material must also be specific(empowerment, low and high status) and include specific examples with references and page numbers, or dates. General answers will not receive credit.

  • –please add some of the following terms, target, agent, survival/confusion, inclusion/awareness, confusion, empowerment, strategy … etc  from the book  to connect the movie with the course material…



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