Prompt: Find a recently passed regulation or law that affects schools down to the classroom level. Explain the law itself and then discuss the intended and possible unintended implications. Who influenced the creation of the law and how will leaders need to respond?

Scope: 1-3 page reflective essay, written in the first person

Description: Students will complete a reflective essay that addresses the prompt for the associated week. Each essay should be 1-3 pages in length, written in the first person, to include the pertinent research on the topic. The essay should demonstrate a command of the content and a self-reflection of any personal experiences with this area of school governance. The essay should not exceed three double-spaced pages, and should be written in APA format using headings to guide the flow of the paper.

30 Points

10 points for covering the prompt

10 points for a well-written response

10 points for 3-5 sources in APA format

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