Hello you need make a outline for this paper usually need 4or 5part. However you just need finshed the NO.1 and NO.2 part. my parnter will use your outline finished the other parts. my toplic is Behavior Finance”. you must use this toplic do not cheating or copy my professor will use turn it in double check. you also need make the powerpoint slide for what you write down part. 8 page 2 day.

Guidelines for Group Paper

1. Each group will produce one group paper.

2. Papers must be double spaced in 12-point font and at least 10 pages, but not over 15 pages in length (not including the title page, reference, or appendices).

3. Papers must include the following sections:

a. Title page (with “Running head”, header, and title of project with names of members)

b. Introduction section

c. Main discussion section

d. References page

e. Appendices (optional): tables or figures related to your topic

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