Final Project-Written

This course serves as the first component of the culminating research project for students majoring in Autism Studies & Applied Behavior Analysis In this course, students [a) select a topic under the umbrella of autism studies and/or ABA that is of interest, (b) develop research questions based on the topic of interest-either empirical or theoretical, (c) compose a written review of professional literature on the topic, and [d) either complete (i.) an empirical or action-research component of the study, or (ii.) develop a 3-hour training module and related materials on the topic for a selected target audience (teachers, parents, RBTs, etc.), and (e) present their project orally (in-person or remotely) to a minimum of two faculty. Students complete this P/NC course in the first half of the semester in which they are taking ABA 400. (ABA 400 serves as the project completion semester, and “M” gen ed credit is awarded with ABA 400, not ABA 395) ABA 395 and 400 must be taken in the same semester.


For my senior project, I have decided to explore the effectiveness of using ABA techniques to improve social skills in children with autism. 

  • How does implementing ABA strategies impact the development of social communication skills in children with autism?
  • What are the key factors contributing to the success of ABA-based social skills interventions for individuals with autism?
  • What are the long-term effects of ABA interventions on social interactions and relationships in individuals with autism?


Textbooks & Required Resources

American Psychological Association (2009). Publication Manual of the American Psychological

                Association (6th Ed.) Washington, DC.


Attached are files to help with this assignment this is what you will go based off of to complete this assignment. 

The student will submit their completed culminating written thesis project, based on the following broad outline, in APA formatting:

Cover Page

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – Review of the Literature

Chapter 3 – Methodology (description of approach to empirical research/process details OR detailed description of the training module)

Chapter 4 – Results of research (data) OR Training Module (materials for training module)

Chapter 5 – Discussion (reflection, conclusions, limitations, etc.)


*REFERENCES come after Chapter 5, should be on their own page(s), and should be APA compliant. 

**If an Appendix is needed, it follows the reference page(s). 


PLEASE make sure you refer to the final project rubric and adhere to it like a checklist. 

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