Field of Practice

Field of Practice 1 Submission

The sources you choose will be filled in the matri attached. Please do 5 pages and I have added the extra page to cater for matrix. Thank you. 

Attach your assignment here. 


Field of Practice 1 Submission

Students will select an area of the social work profession (Field of Practice) and write a brief but formal research paper about it. The paper will include the following: (1) exploring a social problem or human need, (2) the persons affected by the problem or need, (3) types of agencies addressing the problem or need, and (4) functions and challenges of social workers who work in this field. The body of the final version should be approximately 4-5 pages in length. Full instructions are below.


Students will complete the assignment in three parts. This part (references) is part 1.


            Professional Literature Search / Source Citations (25 Points)


Students will explore scholarly research (i.e., peer reviewed journal articles from a BSU library online database) for their chosen field of practice. They will identifythree peer-reviewed journal articles containing content that is about their selected social problem, client group(s) served, settings, and/or what a social worker might do in this field and potential practice challenges. The source must be from the last five years. Students will submit full citations for a Reference page in APA format.


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