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The primary goal of this project was to : ascertain the importance of early fall prevention education being provided to case managers and it impact on patients and caregivers in promoting fall awareness, self care and compliance with use of PERS (Personal Emergency Response Device) such as lifeline etc.

The PICO Question is 

Among health care providers who oversee high-risk patients that are homebound, 65 year and older with multiple comorbidities, what is the effect of early fall prevention and PERS education on Evidenced based Practice questionnaire (EBPQ) scores. This project was implemented a few months ago and is to be presented in the next 2 months to the IRB. This is a progressive paper (Attached) and I am looking to rewrite and cleanup the attached paper starting from chapter 1 and following the comments provided by my instructor from Chapter 1-111. Chapter 1-111, is also missing quotes and requires clean-up for grammar, punctuation etc. Chapter 1-111 should flow in to chapter IV, information from project dissemination and findings will will be provided in attachment.  For the missing citation, please use the cite for me finder to locate the missing citation or add new citation if unable to find. I did not include the number of citation required as it would change as we progress. Paper should flow and follow APA guidelines. Rubric has been attached for review. 

Please update list of citation as changes are made and reach out with question and request for additional information.

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