The topic is Ethnography


Work with your group to finalize an 4 slide (length does not include the cover or references slides) PowerPoint presentation with references about your group’s assigned research method. You may use Zoom or other appropriate recording program to record your narration of the presentation.

In your audiovisual presentation, include the following:

  • Description of the research method.
  • Describe whether it is qualitative or quantitative, or both, and why.
  • What are the steps to using this method? Explain in detail.

Instructions for Creating a YouTube URL of Your Group Presentation

  • After your recording is complete, use these instructions to create an unlisted (not private) YouTube video. You will need the YouTube video URL for this assignment.
  • Submit your YouTube video URL to this assignment page.
  • The best way to submit your URL is to copy and paste the hyperlink (URL) for the YouTube video into a Word document and select one group member to submit that Word document for this assignment. Your faculty will access your video via the link. Do not upload a video file (mp4).

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