In this assignment you will be expected to pair a reading with a relevant example in the mass media and connect this to what you have learned about a theory, subject/topic discussed in the course thus far. Your post should be written in a personal journal style and posted to this discussion forum on Brightspace. Simply start by clicking ‘Start a New Thread’ and post your assignment as text. It should include hyperlinks to the news article you are reflecting on and a proper APA reference to the chapter in the text that you are referencing. Posts should not exceed approximately 500 words. The goal of this exercise will be to ensure you are getting the most from your reading and for you to begin appreciating the media while thinking critically about current issues and events.

In sum, I am looking for you to take another recent news article (within 12 months) and connect it with course theory, concepts, or discussions we have had in-class to-date.

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