There will be a brief written 5 page paper (double-spaced) on how to tailor an evidence based intervention to fit the population and health issue you are focusing on in your photovoice project.In this case, tailoring the attached article for the population of homeless people in Downtown, Los Angeles. Your paper will (1) briefly summarize and identify the active intervention components of the EBI, (2) briefly summarize the health disparity, (3) summarize 2 to 4 cultural characteristics of your target population in your photo-voice (homeless people of Downtown, LA) that will be used to tailor your intervention, (4) briefly outline how you will adapt the intervention to this population using those cultural characteristics and a cultural tailoring framework, maintaining the health topic and active ingredients of the evidence based intervention.

Make sure to tease out the key components and the key significant outcomes for your summary in the individual paper.

Further instructions and grading rubric is provided in attachments, as well as the attached article on the evidence based intervention that will be used for this paper.

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