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Week 7 Assignment 2: iHuman Case Study

Due: Sunday, 18 June 2023, 11:55 PM

To do: Make a submission

Value: 100 Points

Due: Day 7

Grading Category: uncategorized


Case studies and simulations are excellent ways to practice critical thinking and problem-solving in patient care in a safe space. These case-based assignments are designed to provide you with an opportunity to practice applying the theoretical knowledge you have acquired in a real-life scenario. Use this assignment to apply all the best practices that you have learned and be as thorough and detailed as you can.

In this course, we are using an interactive simulation tool called iHuman to provide you with exposure to case study information. Through iHuman, you will have the opportunity to interact with a simulated patient to collect and analyze data much in the same way you would in real life. After collecting that data, you will use the iHuman platform to diagnose and develop a treatment plan. After completing the iHuman case, you will prepare a SOAP note to summarize and provide an overview of the simulated clinical experience. The SOAP note is a good tool to use in your practice, as it covers the areas of documentation that are considered vital in order to achieve the goals of treatment. You will be using SOAP notes (or something similar) frequently in your practice.


  1. After completing the orientation session, you will have access to your first iHuman case in which you can explore the functionality of the site prior to starting the weekly scheduled cases. This case will be graded, and you will be expected to submit a SOAP note associated with this case. Complete the iHuman case study assigned for the week. You will be working in the iHuman platform to complete the case. Follow the directions on logging in and navigating in iHuman. Refer back to the iHuman Orientation for complete instructions on navigating in iHuman.
    1. When working in iHuman, practice as if this were a real patient. For example, the platform allows you to ask many questions when taking a history. However, in reality, you will likely be limited in time. Practice setting yourself a time limit (minimum 1 hour) and work on being efficient in your clinical interview. While there is time for empathy, you do not want to distract from good clinical investigation.
  2. In iHuman, review the specific instructions for the appropriate case. These instructions will help you understand the expectations of each case, as they may differ.
  3. After you have completed all the steps in iHuman, complete a SOAP Note (Word) for the patient you worked with. (Note: The template is meant to be a guide. You can change the formatting of your SOAP note if the table style does not work for you. Additionally, you can copy and paste what you have written in iHuman into your SOAP note if the content is appropriate.)
    1. Your SOAP note should be no more than five pages long.
    2. Use academic sources, cited in APA format, to support your rationale in your Assessment and Plan.
  4. Upload a copy of your simulation/iHuman log and the time spent in the simulation along with your SOAP note for this assignment.
  5. While items in iHuman may be auto-marked, your grade for this assignment is not based on how you perform within iHuman. The iHuman platform is merely an opportunity for you to interact with a simulated patient and gather data.
  6. If you require technical support with the iHuman platform, use the iHuman Help Center to contact iHuman Technical Support directly. Technical support includes a malfunction of the platform; they will not be able to help with issues involving content!  




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