1. Read the following article:
    • Linley, L., Prejean, J., An, Q., Chen, M., & Hall, H. I. (2012).  Racial /Ethnic Disparities in HIV Diagnoses Among Persons Aged 50 Years and Older in 37 U.S. States, 2005-2008.  American Journal of Public Health, 102(8), 1527–1532. doi:10.2015/AJPH.2011.300431
      1. 1. Describe the purpose of this research article.
      3. 2. What is the research design used in this study? How does this research design add strength to the epidemiological outcomes?
      5. 3. What can you say about the race/ethnicity of % of patients with a diagnosis of HIV infection in the 50 years and older group and the 13-49 years old group?
      7. 4. What is one example of how this research study informs or could inform your role as a DNP graduate applying research designs in epidemiological studies the concepts of epidemiology?
      9. 5. What was your area of greatest learning from reviewing this research article?

Your post must have at least two unique peer-reviewed, scholarly references. These references should come from sources other than your textbook or web sites and must be included in the text of the initial discussion post.



Provides clear examples supported by course content and references. Cites three or more references, using at least one new scholarly resource that was not provided in the course materials. All instruction requirements noted.


Well-organized content with a clear and complex purpose statement and content argument. Writing is concise with a logical flow of ideas.


Correct APA formatting with no errors. The writer correctly identifies reading audience, as demonstrated by appropriate language (avoids jargon and simplifies complex concepts appropriately).Writing is concise, in active voice, and avoids awkward transitions and overuse of conjunctions. There are no spelling, punctuation, or word-usage errors. 

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