Stage Setter – Entrepreneurship Section Breakdown:

Paper must be 4-5 pages, APA citations.


*create charts and/or tables showing evidential support – Please note to refer to the chart and/or table if you use one – write about it.


1. What is the importance (your main point) behind this entrepreneurship proposal (basically setting the stage for your entrepreneurship proposal)?

Required Information –

  • ★ You are NOT talking about the product/service here…you are discussing the broad scope (ex. the importance of being healthy and fit, etc.).
  • ★ Wow with facts and stats to get the audience’s attention. Problem and/or Opportunity Statement

2. What is the problem and/or opportunity that leads to the need for this entrepreneurship proposal?

Required Information –

  • What are the main criticisms, basic facts of the problem?
  • Explain why the problem matters and/or deficiencies that exist in relation to the overallproblem.
  • ★ Again. you are NOT discussing your idea here, but rather the need that leads to the idea. Purpose Statement

3. What is the purpose of your proposal (explain what your product/service is in relation to the Clear Strategic Focus Model (position and culture)?

Required Information –

  • Is your idea intended to simply gain a better understanding of a particular sector of the exercise and or sport markets (pure research), or is its intent to solve a specific problem or provide a solution to a practical question (applied research)?
  • Be detailed with source material to strengthen the importance of specifics.
  • References List in alphabetical order all associated references from this section. Please refer to APA standards in citing.

Grading Rubric Attached and Guides attached

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