First, you will organize “sins” that seem to be thematic and chart them according to severity. For instance, you named a lot of behaviors that we now recognize as mental illnesses, should those people be punished as severely as those who are willfully cruel or indifferent to others?

Then, you should reconsider those that have a purely religious foundation. Why is “adultery” a “sin”? Do “Porn Stars” really deserve eternal punishment? Or should these go under a category pertaining to deception or selfishness and vanity, respectively? What of “Promiscuous Single People” or “That Guy I Saw on The Documentary About SexBots (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. who Couldn’t Treat a Person Right So Had to Date an AI”? Should they get off scot-free?

Then, when you have three or four soundly categorized and justifiable “modern” sins, decide on a suitable punishment for each set. You should NOT replicate Dante’s punishments.

Finally, you will narrate in a paragraph or two (each — so a total of 9-18) the harrowing of each “sinner” as if you were observing them.

Doodle pictures if feel so inclined.

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