Under government regulations and strategies commercial energy users are being required to reduce the energy consumption.

ISO50001 standard aims “to enable organizations to establish the systems and processes necessary to improve energy performance, including energy efficiency, use and consumption. Implementation of this International Standard is intended to lead to reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and other related environmental impacts and energy cost through systematic management of energy.” [BS EN ISO 50001-2018].

Professional help may be required to raise awareness, encourage, prepare and assist companies to pursue certification by providing information through the proven principles of ISO 50001.

A consultancy company approached an industrial company indicating that they can provide assistance with preparation and implementation of and Energy Management system required by ISO. The management has asked the consultant to provide a document regarding this.


In this coursework, you are expected to provide a report (as a consultant) to the attention of the management of an industrial asset/facility to provide information and guidance on ISO50001.

You must first choose an industrial facility /plant (in any sector of your choice: production, manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, food, mining, automotive, aerospace, etc.) and then produce a report (on behalf of a consultancy company) outlining the benefits (including government policy and strategies, energy consumption reduction, energy efficiency, public image) , and process of implementation of ISO50001.

The document should also explain the possible the requirement, cost implication, organization structure. It must include the main elements of the standard requirement including:

• Undertake gap analysis of the current system (organization structure, /culture, working hours, equipment specification, operation and maintenance, etc.) and compare against ISO 50001 requirements

• Possibility of development of an Energy Management System (EnMS) and related policies and procedures.

• Identify opportunities to reduce the energy consumption and carbon footprint within the plant

• Indicating an energy baseline and identifying areas of significant energy use (SEU)

• Indicating the requirement in order to establish an energy policy, key Energy Performance Indicators (EnPIs) and objectives

• Timetabling the schedules of energy audits to continually measure and evaluate energy performance and audits of the energy management system.

• Identification of any training or purchases required.

Providing assistance in identifying possible government financial support (loans, grants etc.) would strengthen the case being presented to the customer.

The report:

The report should be based on government reports, relevant standards, journal paper, review of manufacturers’ data and personal experience (if appropriate). (Use a standard referencing style)

Very Important Notes:

  • Presentation, structure and readability
  • Proper use of background reading and embedding of references
  • Technical content and relevance, covering the required tasks
  • Relevant conclusions
  • Initiative

*** Words count = 1900 words.

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.

*** I have uploaded previous work for this work in attachment named “Sample”.

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