In your organization, in relation to the Electronic Medical Record (EMR), you have identified four areas of concern which are not related to issues of privacy, confidentiality, or security. These are (a) nurses are constantly using (inappropriate) workarounds with the Bar Code Medication Administration (BCMA) system; (b) nurses are experiencing Alarm Fatigue, they are routinely disregarding prompts from the Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS); (c) Nurses are resistant to the implementation of a new EMR system and there is a need to get buy-in from the nurses; and (d) Hospital staff do not understand the various phases of Meaningful Use (MU), including the financial impact of non-compliance with MU, which is also causing confusion among staff in following MU requirements. Selecting any one of these (whichever is of greatest interest to you) as the first step towards an evidence-based practice solution, write a paper on one of these topics of concern, of your choice, to include the sections noted below; the value of each section is noted by percent, the entire project is worth 100 points.


Instructions and Rubric1. 

1. This is an individual assignment consisting of a paper limited to 5 total pages, including a title page and reference pages.

2. Provide an introduction for your paper.

3. Define the topic of interest.

4. Provide a literature review of what is known about this issue, and how it impacts nursing practice.

5. Discuss your recommendations for an approach to reduce or eliminate this problem based on what you have found in the literature.

6. Provide a conclusion for your paper.

7. At least ten references should be identified in this paper.

8. Use proper grammar/spelling/and APA format guidelines as applicable. Include an introduction and Conclusions or Recommendations section for your presentations.

  1. 9.Number of sources 15
  2. 10.pages limit 5 (1250-1375 words)

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