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Holiday Homework Introduction

When summer holidays come, most teachers give students homework to go and work on them during the vacation period. This is because they don’t want them to forget what they’ve been taught or learned. So the main question that has been on debate is whether this is important to their academics.


What most teachers think is that these students are always in the house, so they can actually use that time to do the assignments. Actually most students during this period spend most of their time on the computer playing games. Therefore, no one would actually want to spend their summer holidays studying. On the other hand, homework is important because it helps them remember what they’ve learned. Teachers are responsible in ensuring that students are well prepared a year ahead to avoid last minute rush. So what most students do, is that they put aside their homework so that they can do the very last minute because they don’t want to ruin their holiday.

Pros of Summer Holiday Homework

Most students end up forgetting about their academics during the summer holiday. Therefore summer holiday homework helps them polish their skills. Most people claim that summer holiday homework is not that important, but in real sense it’s important. This is because it meant to help students memorize what they’ve learned. When they go back to school, they’ll be positive about the new school year.

However, some students enjoy doing homework because it reminds them of what to expect in their main exam. Plus what’s the point of going to school if students will forget what they’ve learned? So the best thing is to take homework during summer holidays to help them prepare for the next class. This will help them perform well and even get admitted to great universities and colleges in future.

Cons of Summer Holiday Homework

Summer homework is not an interesting task. Students are expected to focus on studying during this holiday and it’s hard for them to concentrate. They cannot develop the skills they’re required to during this time. Holidays are meant to be spent with less restrictions, or school tasks. But summer assignments ruins all this. And that’s why most people don’t like when being given homework during this season.

During this season, children use the time to bond with their parents and friends. Also, they get to relax and forget about same subjects that they do in school every day. So when teachers add them summer homework, it makes them not long to go back to school. Our brain has been wired in such a way that it needs to relax at some point. This is because it cannot continue working time over time without rest.

However, some teachers will just give out homework to students to follow the protocols. But they won’t even bother to look at it when schools reopen.

Some students believe that if the homework is not graded by teachers, then there’s no point in doing them. Also, some will just go on and copy from others which destroys the meaning of homework. There are other alternative ways that students can learn during summer. This includes reading books, participating in sports that helps them both physically and mentally. Homework just adds stress and anxiety to students.

When you engage in any sport, it makes you fit and develops your personality more than what homework does. Again, if you read a book, you build on your vocabulary and your ideas flow very well. Reading also makes one creative and it helps students learn about different cultures and lives. They also get to learn about other people’s religions as well.


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