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For this assignment, you will select a disease (I pick stroke) and conduct a detailed analysis of that disease (stroke), exploring it from a balanced traditional and alternative health perspective.


Begin by searching the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website for that disease.


Next, review the website for Healthy People 2030 ( for information related to the disease or the disease category 


In your paper, discuss the following:

  • -Prominent aspects of this disease
  • -Current data and statistics related to the disease
  • -Health disparities related to the disease
  • -Prevention strategies including complementary and alternative health therapies
  • -Contemporary research and clinical studies related to the disease
  • -An analysis of the pathophysiologic effects of stress related to the disease
  • -Evidence-based stress management interventions that might help with prevention or cure



Incorporate at least 3 scholarly sources within the paper. 

Sources should be no more than 3 years old.

Use proper APA format to cite and reference sources.


(essay organization attached)

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