1. ANSWER Questions 1 & 3. (ATTACHED SHEET)

2. Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death in the United State despite the majority of its risk factors being preventable. Choose one of the preventable risk factors for cardiovascular disease and discussion a reason why you feel people continue to do the things that increases that risk factor or why people continue to struggle overcoming that risk factor.

3. Choose one of the following situations and discussion what you would say to her in regard to bone health

-Shani is a 16 year old female who loves running but is often on a strict diet and she run more miles per week than other girls her age.

– Dorothy is a 67 year old post-menapausal female who is sedentary and does not like to exercise.

– Melanie is a 71 year old female who was just diagnosed with osteoporosis and is looking for exercise and diet recommendations.

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