Discussion Questions:


  1. 1. Name a theory that you like and find workable. What is it that you like? What is it that you dislike? Which particular component(s) of the theory have contributed to your feelings? (MO 1,2)
  3. 2. Consider a specific practice setting you are familiar with. For implementation of confirmation and validation of empiric knowledge in practice, which factors about the setting do you think would facilitate the research, and which would provide significant challenges? (MO 6,7)

Please use the book 

knowledge development in nursing theory and process.10 the edition.


Required Textbook Readings

Chinn & Kramer:

Chap 8: Description and Critical Reflection of Empiric Theory (MO 1,2)

Chap 9: Knowledge Authentication Using Research (MO 3,5)

Chap 10: Integrated Expression of Knowledge in Practice (MO 1,3,4,)


 Also, the main things the professor is looking at are the intext citations and the references.




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