Program planning, strategic planning, business planning. This Discussion asks you to consider the relationships and intersections between these essential forms of planning.


All programs should have a strategic plan, as well as a sound business plan to guide their endeavors. Although completing a robust business plan (or a strategic plan) is beyond the scope of this course, it is beneficial to understand how and why such a plan could be useful for your program. Give some thought to this as you engage in this Discussion with your colleagues.


To prepare:


  • Review the information in the Learning Resources, focusing on Chapter 4 of Assessment and Planning in Health Programs (for the logic model), as well as additional resources on business planning such as the U.S. Small Business Administration website.
  • Conduct additional research on your own regarding the relationship between strategic planning and business planning, and consider how these relate to program planning.

Post a cohesive scholarly response that addresses the following:


  • What is the prospective impact of a business plan on the strategic planning of a program? Support your response with references to the logic model and program theory models.
  • How does business planning relate to program planning? Support your response with an example from the literature.

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