Discussion: Inspirations


In your reading for this week, you will learn how artists associated with Abstract Expressionism and mid century American sculpture had diverse sources of inspiration, such as spirituality, poetry, history, urban life, etc. Many were also influenced by the philosophy and techniques of previous movements like Surrealist automatism and abstract architectonics, or by non-Western art forms such as Japanese brush painting or Native American sand painting. In your post for this week, you will choose an artist discussed in the chapter, present a work not shown in the text, and elaborate on what may have inspired the evolution of their art.

Your book will give you insights into possible topics, but be sure to expand on what is covered in the reading. For instance, if an artist is inspired by “mythology” what specific myths did they explore? If they are inspired by a visual art form, include an additional image which is relevant to the source of their inspiration. If it is literary or historical, be sure to include additional details or even a short quote.

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