Rosa is a 55-year-old moderately obese Hispanic woman (body mass index is 29). She was referred to you when her gynecologist noted glucose on a routine urinalysis. She subsequently has an FPG of 190 and 200 mg/dL on two separate occasions. She is thirstier than usual and has more frequent urination. She also complains of decreased energy over the last several months and numbness and tingling in her left lower extremity.


Family history:

· Sister, mother, and maternal grandmother have diabetes.


Social history:

· Nonsmoker, drinks alcohol socially (one drink about three times a month), and does not exercise.


Review of systems:

· 20 lb weight gain over the past two years, has some blurred vision, has had two urinary tract infections in the past year, and has frequent vaginal yeast infections.

· Gestational diabetes in last two pregnancies.


Physical exam:

· Unremarkable except blood pressure of 150/90

· Height: 5 feet 2 inches

· Weight: 200 lb

· Laboratory results: FPG 200 mg/dL, HbA1C 10%, LDL 160 mg/dL, HDL 35 mg/dL, total cholesterol 248 mg/dl and triglycerides 266 mg/dL





Diagnosis: Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus


1. List specific goals for the treatment for Rosa.

2. What dietary and lifestyle changes would you recommend for Rosa?

3. What drug therapy would you prescribe? Why?

4. What is the goal for the FPG? Postprandial glucose? HbA1C?

5. Discuss specific education for Rosa based on the prescribed therapy.

6. List one or two adverse reactions for the therapy selected that would cause you to change the therapy.

7. If the HbA1C after three months on the prescribed therapy is 8.8%, what would be the next line of therapy? Provide rationale for your answer.

8. What over-the-counter or herbal medicines might be appropriate for Rosa?

9. Describe one or two drug–drug or drug–food interactions for the selected agent.



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Unit VIII Research Paper

Diabetes the subject that I’m writing about

In a 7-10 page paper (not including title page and reference section) with a minimum of 10 references, select a condition that has been examined during the course and discuss the following:

1. History/background/introduction into the condition.

2. Pathophysiology or proposed origin of the condition.

3. Signs/symptoms/hallmarks of the condition.

4. Monitoring parameters of the condition.

5. Identify the available treatment options for this condition.

6. Discuss the mechanism of action of the available treatments (drug classes).

7. Indicate one nationally or internationally recognized treatment guideline for the condition (if application); First line,

second-line, third-line treatment options.

8. Identify and evaluate any recent research findings (within the last five years) about the future direction of treating

the conditions. Are there any significant changes or has it remained the same?

9. Discuss new treatments in the pipeline (if any).

10. Conclusion: Answer the following:

a. Do you think the treatment of this condition is moving in the right direction for improving people’s quality of

life? Why, or why not?

b. Do you feel there are benefits versus risks or vice versa when it comes to the treatment of this condition?

c. Summarize or provide a take home message regarding your discussion of this condition.

Your paper must include the following elements:

 Cover page

 An argumentative thesis statement

 Headings for the above requirements

 Relevant and specific evidence

 Paraphrase and quotations from outside sources

 A conclusion

It is strongly advised that you select your topic and conduct some research prior to Unit VIII. Starting prior to Unit VIII will allow you the time to communicate with your professor on any questions that you may have and develop a strong topic/thesis. It is also advised that you utilize the resources from the Success Center.

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