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As an APRN, teaching patients and colleagues will be an important part of your role. You have been asked to provide an educational session for your fellow APRNs on the cardiovascular system. The goal of your presentation will be to help your colleagues understand the basic components of the cardiovascular system, how they interact with each other, and how cardiac remodeling can occur.



Discussion board initial post, please develop a visual aid, diagram, image, or similar device that addresses the following questions. Include a brief explanation/description of the content covered in addition to your visual aid; the explanation can be recorded or written. Please be sure to use evidence-based, peer-reviewed journals that have been published within the past three to five years in addition to your textbook and course materials as you develop your post.

  1. Explain what stroke volume is and how it is related to the cardiovascular system; address, particularly, stroke volume, heart rate, and blood pressure.
  2. Identify two disorders of the cardiovascular system that affect stroke volume, heart rate, and BP, and explain how the disease state and pathophysiologic process alters these components away from their homeostatic state.
  3. Describe how these changes can result in cardiac remodeling. What signs and symptoms do patients experience as this occurs?
  4. Discuss whether this remodeling is reversible and/or preventable. What can be done to correct the pathologic process and return the cardiovascular system to its homeostatic state.


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