In this assignment, you will complete the development of your desk guide. You should have quite a bit of information added to your desk guide by now.

The following topics should be addressed:

  • Week 2 Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Week 3 Self Injurious Behavior
  • Week 4 Anxiety Disorder
  • Week 5 Major Depressive Disorder
  • Week 6 Assertiveness
  • Week 7 Suicide Assessment
  • Week 8 Trauma PTSD
  • Week 9 Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (postpartum depression)
  • Week 11 Substance
  • Week 13 Grief

***As an example, in Week 7 a copy of. The Columbia-Suicide Severity Scale (C-SSRS) with scoring would be an appropriate tool to have a copy of in your notebook. Link below:

After you have completed your desk guide for this module, you are to share some helpful information, links, resources, etc. with your peers by posting to this assignment. You can add additional information gained in your preceptorships and share that with your colleagues as well.

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