Submit a minimum of one page draft outline for your Learning Team’s projects. Refer to instructions on final assignment provided under Week 5 details to assist in your research. Any one team member may submit this to the Assignment link.

BIO 240 Week 3 DNA and Protein Synthesis

Answer the following questions, in a total of 500 to 700 words.
– Describe the structure of DNA and the steps of protein synthesis.
– Describe the relationships between the following terms:
– Chromatin material
– Gene
– Chromosome
– Use the following gene in protein synthesis:
– Show the mRNA.
– Show the tRNA.
– Name the amino acids that will be placed in the polypeptide chain. (Use the codon table in Ch. 17 of Campbell Biology.)
– A gene will direct the making of polypeptide chains, and polypeptide chains form proteins. All enzymes are proteins. Therefore, how would you explain carrying a gene for a trait that does not show up in the offspring?
– In order for DNA to pass genetic information to the next generation, DNA must replicate successfully. Mistakes in replication could result in major problems in heredity.
– Explain how DNA replicates.
– Describe the formation of the leading strand and lagging strand and include the enzymes involved.
Why do the legs replicate differently?

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