Final paper of the course requires you to describe the African novelist Chinua Achebe’s theory of the novel as a genre and an art form as elaborated in his essay “An Image of Africa” (which we are reading as a class) and then to discuss how his novel Things Fall Apart, our last major reading requirement of the semester, is a specific exampleof that particular theory of the novel in action: use specific evidence or elements from Things Fall Apartto show how that work is the kind of novel Achebe believes should be written, based, again, on his essay “An Image of Africa.”

Some concrete points and a rough timeline for the paper follow:

1. It needs to be a minimum of five (5) pages, not counting MLA Works Cited page.

2. Minimum of two (2) required sources: “An Image of Africa” and Things Fall Apart. I will provide you with full citation information for “An Image of Africa.” Please note that you are not required or encouraged to do outside research for this paper; however, if you consult and use any source other than the above two, you have to provide full citations.

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