Discussion post for ethics communication class. No more than 250 words. The reference is listed below and the four phases of holistic care.

Just as Martin Buber was concerned about the needs of the other, another theory known as “Ethics of Care” takes into consideration the needs of both the other and ourselves. The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (n.d.) describes it in these words: “Most often defined as a practice or virtue rather than a theory as such, “care” involves maintaining the world of, and meeting the needs of, ourself and others. It builds on the motivation to care for those who are dependent and vulnerable, and it is inspired by both memories of being cared for and the idealizations of self” (Care Ethics, para. 1).

Care Ethics (Links to an external site.). (n.d.). In the
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy online. Retrieved from

The four phases of the holistic practice of ethical care are:

  1. Recognizing the need for care,
  2. Taking responsibility for that need and deciding how to respond to it,
  3. Providing the care needed, and
  4. Responding to care that has been provided by others.

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