DEI Paper

DEI Paper


You will engage in creating an intervention designed to reduce racism or increase diversity or inclusion in a setting of your choosing. The paper will be APA 7 format. You need to include at least 5 additional peer reviewed articles not covered in this course.


You must include the following sections:

● Introduction 

– A history of the specific problem (i.e., introduction) including the setting (e.g., schools,workplace, etc),


● Behavior and Assessment

– the behaviors in question (behavioral definitions – functional, topographic, etc.),

 -how you will measure the behaviors

– behavioral goals

-outcomes because of achieving goals


● Interventions 

-Intervention – how you plan on addressing the behaviors (antecedent and/or consequent interventions – properly labeled using technologically accurate language).

-Interventions are the behavior change techniques that are covered in Cooper and other texts.


● Conclusion

social impact – how will achieving these goals help support DEI?

-Your plan will be graded on grammar, use of behavioral principles (no mentalistic explanations or concepts), thoroughness of the sections listed above, and syntax. Length is determined by you (brevity is important – longer isn’t necessarily better)

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