our Secondary Data Table and Data Analysis Paper should include the following parts: the Secondary Data Table, Analysis, Summary, and Conclusion. The length of this paper should be 4-6 pages.


Download Secondary Data Table in your paper. Include multiple sites to provide data to understand the health of communities and neighborhoods. Below are the links and/or sites for community health data.

Review the Community (Analysis)


      • 1. Identification of 2 Social Determinants of Health in your chosen community.
      • – healthcare access and quality
      • – access to primary care
      • – access to food that support health  or health literacy
      • 2. Identification of 2 health care disparities and the vulnerable populations affected in your chosen community.  
      • Hispanics 
      • 3. Analysis of relevant health statistics related to both identified health care disparities
      • 4 A Community Diagnosis that identifies one community health problem.

Hypertension and diabetes

      • Summarize the key points of your analysis and note important or unexpected findings.
      • Discuss the relationship between the identified health behaviors and the health status in the community.
      • Describe the leading health issues in the community. Identify what the community is doing to address these issues.

Concluding Statement

Describe the impact of your findings. Provide a concluding sentence that explains the significance of your finding







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