Using specific topics & people in the readings (attached), write a 2-3 page essay about current day activism and its leaders. Choose someone who has an authentic investment or commitment in the issue, not a celebrity who is simply endorsing something in name only. Use discernment here; is it real for them or is it just about status and fame? How can you tell? Who do you see as the historical predecessors to what your selected person or group is currently doing/teaching/creating and why? Nothing exists in a vacuum, and there is nothing new under the sun, so make historical connections!

It will be important for you to integrate (the attached) in your essay. Be thorough in describing the issue and form(s) of activism, be specific regarding people, places and things that are discussed, and make it interesting.

Ive attached the readings for Baldwin as well as other class reading you can incorporate in the essay.

2-3 pages Use standard academic formatting, proof read your work! Multiple typos, misspellings and writing errors will reduce the grade.

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