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Jamaican culture

I had to make changes in the previous paper. Please structure it to be in that manner.

Use subheadings when answering.

Both articles should be evaluated separately each 1pg but under the same subheading of \\\\\\\”Identification and explanation of the culture being addressed in the research article\\\\\\\”. Then the other two prompts to be answered in separately to earn the 10 marks each.


10 points                                                   

Assignment submitted on due date.


10 points

Use at least 2 articles that are 5 years or less. Make sure they are cited on your reference page and there is a link on the reference page to be able to view the article.

10 points

Title Page for page 1. Name of article, Class, Teacher and date

10 points

Introduction or abstract for page 2. This should be a brief overview of the culture you will be covering.

20 points

Identification and explanation of the culture being addressed in the research article. This should be a minimum of 200 words. ( At least 2 pages)

10 points

Explain how this article increased your knowledge by disproving myths and stereotypes            that are commonly formed against this culture.

10 point

Explain now the information in the article affects the ability of this culture to cope.

20 points

Strict APA 7th edition format, Times New Roman, 12 point. Use in text citations. Reference page should be in APA format.

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