Culture Assignment: Haitian culture or Voodoo

Culture Assignment: Haitian culture or Voodoo

The objective for this assignment is to recognize the different forms of culture.  Forms are not limited to ethnic or racial groups.  Many of these cultures affect how healthcare is perceived and accessed. Exploration of a cultural type will be decided by each student in their selection of a scholarly articles from a journal selected from the EBSCO site. Or other reputable research site.

The research articles chosen will be analyzed/ reviewed within a 2-page typed report. A link for each article must be provided.

Please choose from the Cultural Forms listed: “Culture shock of 1st generation immigrant”, “Amish culture”, “The elderly of America”, Haitian culture”, “Islamic culture”, “Jehovah’s Witness”, “Christian Science”, “African culture”, “Prison culture”, “Catholic culture”, “Jewish culture”,  “Jamaican culture”, “Voodoo”, “Native American culture”, “Mormon culture”, “Buddhist culture”, “Hispanic culture”, or “Cajun culture”.

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