In two to three sentences, clearly articulate what you plan to be the focus of your Culture Paper. What is the culture/cultural group you will focus on? Review Week 1 Checkpoint: Culture Paper to clarify what you plan to explore in this paper.


The week check point is below


The purpose of this paper is to explore and synthesize three interrelated topical areas: (1) a specific nursing cultural model/theory; (2) an ethnic, racial, or cultural group/population; (3) and the student’s nursing area of focus. The paper must also address how the exploration and synthesis of these three interrelated topical areas can be applied to evidence-based nursing practice (clinical practice, education, or administration and/or leadership) and evidenced-based nursing research.

While not a mandatory outcome, consider this paper at the level appropriate for submission to a professional journal or for an oral or poster presentation at a professional meeting. 


To help you with the progress of your paper, you will submit it in four parts throughout the course.  The topic, outline, draft and final presentation.


the outline

Ensure your outline employs the following organizational scheme:

  1. Introduction
  2. Nursing area of focus/nursing topical area (such as, type 1 diabetes self-management)
  3. Cultural group (adolescents)
  4. Nursing cultural model (Giger & Davidhizar)
  5. Cultural group and nursing cultural model Giger and Davidhizar assessment areas applied to adolescents (such as time, environmental control, biological)
  6. Integration of nursing area of focus, cultural model & evidenced-based research
    1. Evidence-based research on adolescent self-management of diabetes integrating Nursing Cultural Model Giger & Davidhizar assessment areas (such as time, environmental control, biological)
  7. Application to evidence-based nursing intervention
    1. Psychoeducational program on type 1 diabetes self-management for adolescents integrating Giger & Davidhizar
      1. Brief bullets on what you would like to do
  8. Conclusion


Please note: Drafts of parts of your paper will not be accepted as your Culture Paper Outline. You will have the opportunity to submit a full draft of your paper in Week 03.

  • Your outline must be in heading and subheading format.
  • You must submit your list of references in APA style.
  • The outline and reference list should be no longer than two pages, typed, using 12-point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins


follow this link for sample


Please, reach out for any questions and i will do like wise.

  2. 2. I need the outline and reference list in 2 pages by 5/11.
  3. 3. the draft and final paper work by 5/25

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