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Knowing what your emotional triggers are (and how to deal with them) is a key component of Emotionally Intelligent Leadership. Other people don’t bear responsibility for your reactions. A key step in learning to recognize your triggers involves paying attention when situations generate a strong emotional response.

Structure:  This assessment is comprised of 2 parts – Please watch the Video recording to learn more about the process of individual submission and how to grade fellow student submissions. 


Part 1: Critical Reflection:


  1. Review the following list of common Emotional Triggers and choose 1 that you have experienced in the past month:

2. Critically reflect on your experience using the following guidelines:


Maybe it suddenly seemed as if you were a teenager again, trying to earn approval from an indifferent parent. The emotional trigger transported you back to that time in your life, when you felt like nothing you did was good enough.

§  Be Curious-When strong emotions come up, don’t try to ignore them or fight them back. Instead, approach them with curiosity to get more insight on what may have triggered them. Do any patterns stand out? For example, performance discussions might bring up anxiety and frustration related to your fear of not being understood.

3. Write a critical analysis of your Emotional Trigger using the above points as a guide.


Length: 1000 words (+/- 10%)


How will I submit my assignment? Please Upload a copy of your reflective analysis to the Moodle App titled: Emotional Triggers


Assessment Rubric: use this hyperlink to view the Assessment Rubric for this Assignment


Part 2: Peer grading:


1. You will be randomly assigned 2 of your fellow student’s critical reflections to grade using the provided assessment rubric within the Moodle App. 



The assignment references should be update one between 2016 to 2022 And it should be using Vancouver reference style only. please see all requirement for the assignment in the attachments .

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