Merkler, et al. (2020). Risk of ischemic stroke in patients with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) versus patients with influenza. Journal of the American Medical Association Neurology.


  1. Provide one sentence describing the objective of this study.
  2. Describe the research design, the setting and research participants in one paragraph.
  3. Identify the time line for this study.
  4. Identify the research design used for this study.
  5. Describe the setting for this research study.
  6. Review Figure 1, Table 1, Table 2, and Table 4. Interpret the data for each. Describe your interpretation of the data in one paragraph for each table or figure. Use the exact table or figure title as the subheading for this section of your assignment.
  7. Describe the adjustments that were made in data analysis. Explain, in one or two sentences, why these adjustments were made.
  8. Identify the parameters for confidence intervals established for this study.
  9. Identify the odds ratio after adjustment for age, sex, and race for the likelihood of stroke for patients with COVID-19 and patients with influenza infection.
  10. List the conclusions for this study.
  11. Describe in one paragraph how you would apply the outcomes from this epidemiologic study to inform your practice as a DNP-prepared advanced practice nurse.

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