Reflect on the connection between knowledge or concepts from these courses and how those have been, or could be, applied in the work place (200-250 words per course reflection. you should write a total of 400-500 words).

Course 1: Information Technology Importances in Strategic Planning

Course 2: Information Governance

Work duties:

Work with all aspects of Salesforce configuration, technical, and functional capabilities, including all changes and potential system implications related to ongoing releases.

Implement monitoring services to proactively identify issues by utilizing CSS, HTML, Javascript, Triggers, and Apex Code.

Review and diagnose issues across systems and take corrective action which may include coordinating with development teams or other appropriate peer teams and escalating where necessary.

Maintain updated system documentation and Salesforce policies and procedures.

Manage validation rules, monitor page layouts, troubleshoot Apex and integrations, manage user access, share models, and create and maintain custom objects and fields.

Coordinate bulk data migrations by managing databases and utilizing SQL to transfer imperative information throughout the organization.

Contribute to knowledge-sharing projects to develop best practices and workflow, lead knowledge-sharing sessions, and mentor junior staff and new hires.

Manage tasks and projects in a fast-paced support environment, driving all issues to resolution with a strong focus on customer satisfaction and efficient task execution

Maintain compliance with all written security policies, SOX procedures, and change management controls.

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