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Week 2 Discussion: Core Competencies

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Completion requirements

To do: Make forum posts: 2

Value: 100 points

Due: In an effort to facilitate scholarly discourse, create your initial post by Day 3, and reply to two of your classmates by Day 7.

Grading Category: Discussions

Initial Post

In your initial post, using the NONPF core competency you chose in Week 2 Choice: Core Competencies, discuss ways you as a student have or can begin to exemplify this competency. These exemplars can be from clinical experiences over the past year, course work or assignments completed in other classes, and internal (employment) and external (regional, state, national) professional activities.

In this initial post, you are asked to provide exemplars that are personal experiences. However, the rubric includes having three references. If you do not have three references, that is okay; you will not be graded down on references for this discussion. However, your initial post will probably contain at least two references (one being the NONPF competency document itself and the other related to nursing practice, etc.).


  • Scientific Foundations
  • Leadership
  • Quality
  • Practice Inquiry
  • Technology and Information Literacy
  • Policy
  • Health Delivery Systems
  • Ethics
  • Independent Practice

Reply Posts



For the two reply posts, select a posting from your classmates who chose a different competency and discuss how your preceptor demonstrated proficiency with this competency during your clinical practice and what you have gained from that experience. If you have not worked with a preceptor yet, you may choose an example of an NP whom you have worked with, or an NP whom you have observed. If you are having difficulty identifying a personal story, please feel free to demonstrate your understanding of a second competency through an evidence-based essay that adds depth to a peer’s initial post.

In this discussion, you are asked to provide exemplars that are personal experiences. For the reply posts, the rubric includes having two references. If you do not have two references, that is okay; you will not be graded down.

Please refer to the Grading Rubric for details on how this activity will be graded.  



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