1. Chapter 12 of your text on page 229 opens talking about the huge system-wide transformation of the U.S. healthcare system and its influencing factors. Reflect on the organization you work for or have recently worked for and list the top 3 factors that are driving the culture of that organization and why.




2. What do you see as the top 3 factors influencing the nursing workforce shortages

In the area where you live and work? Name 1 possible solution for each factor.






3. Choose 1 thing about organizational culture at your workplace that you would like to change or that you think needs improvement.


4. Based on leadership theories, styles, and strategies you have been learning in this course what steps would you take to make changes to the culture issue above in #3. Name a specific style, theory, etc. and apply it to the issue above.



5. Review the mission, vision, and values statements of a healthcare organization you work for currently or have worked for in the past. Describe how your own vision and/or values align with that organization and why is that fit important?


6. Does your organization prioritize a culture of safety? Give at least 3 specific examples if you think they do or explain why you think they do not.




7. Describe how your leadership (the individuals you report too) provide a work climate that promotes patient safety.



8. Can you report patient safety mistakes without fear of punishment? Why do you think this is important or not important? What can you do as a leader in your current position to support a just culture without fear regarding mistakes?





9. How are you involved in decisions that affect your work? Give specific examples of this. Can you identify specific ways your organizational culture could improve in this respect?





10. Differentiate between power and politics by giving their definitions in your own words. We all have a responsibility to advocate for our profession to make it the best it can be. Most of us need to grow outside our comfort zone to be effective at this. Give 3 specific goals you have set for yourself to channel your power or politics into positive outcomes for our profession or for your patient

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